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Calliope Supporters

We at Calliope are grateful to our supporters and would like to acknowledge them.


Angels: $1,000 or more
David & Mary Carney, William Condon & Scott Yonker, Mrs. Barbara Donahue, Mark & Jan Fuller, Frank & Karen Josbacher, Dave Ludt, Bob & Donna Reidy.
Benefactors: $100 or more
Elsa Ahnrud, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Ansley, Janet Bath, Bill & Maxine Bird, Frank H. Bissett, Janet Bradford, Mr. & Mrs. Roy Brazelton, Alfred & Edith Brewer, Tom & Nancy Buckingham, Mr. & Mrs. James Burke, Nick & Bobbie Chase, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Clark, Phillip Condon, Sara & Dan Connor, Jim & Nancy Coghlin, Pat & Joe Cusimano, Phil & Laurie Davis, Eileen deCastro, Mary DeFeudis, Roger & Joan Deal, Donna DiPilato, Peter & Joanne Dirlam, Howard Drobner, Virginia Ekblom, Natalie & Rodney Ferris, Charlie Flood, Joyce Fuller, Linc Fuller, Sally & Ed Holden, HP Company Foundation, Edward H. Kimball, John Leslie, Stephen & Valerie Loring, Bob & Janice Mecca, Julie Anne Medjanis, Annette Miles, Charles Newfell, David A. Nestelbaum, Adrienne Nys, Charlie & Linda Oroszko, Larry & Carla Peterson, Mr. & Mrs. Ron Plutnicki, Walter & Mary Rice, Walter & Reta Schumacher, Bob & Marty Shaughnessy, Lynda Skerry, Janice Spada, Judith St. Denis, Doug & Karen Stairs, Wesley, Karen, & Steve White, Max & Pauline Wills, Ron Wills, Don & Kelsa Zereski.
Supporters: Up to $99
Chuck & Kerry Abdella, Robert Beauregard, Mary Been, Tina Bilzarian, Jan & Karl Bjork, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brecken, Fran & Pat Brissette, Ileine Burke, Mr. & Mrs. Don Bussolari, Susan Cardin, Eleanor A. Chabot, Mr. & Mrs. R. A. Chase, Cathy Cooper, Joanne Cox, Michael & Marsha Cramer, Fred D’Angelo, Mary & Jack Dillon, Earl & Linda Farmer, Mr. & Mrs. Joel Feinblatt, David Ford, Ken Gagne, Steven Gagne, Nancy Gale, Bradford J. & Lucille M. Harper, Marcia & Carroll Hoffman, Jerry & Rachel Jones, Kate Kenneway, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kimball, Dorothy Kuczka, Frances Langille, Deborah & Bruce Larsen, Grace Leslie, Mr. & Mrs, Marvin Levy, Dan & Ann Lewis, Ken & Maureen Linell, Robert T. Ling, Charles & Sandra Lord, Jerry & Marilyn Lyle, Alicia & Michael Makowiecki, Jodie Hough Martinson, Mr. & Mrs. Barry Matthew, Diane McGuire, Joseph R. Mewhiney, Arthur & Donna Mooradian, Ann Nally, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis O’Neil, Roald & Sue Olsen, Dorothy Palmgren, Mr. & Mrs. Don Parker, Jan Patterson, Maureen Pedroli, Craig & Sue Phyfe, Tom Richards, James Ryan, Agnes Sagerian, Agnes Sheehy, Frances D. Trotto, Richard & Lynn Tucker, Margaret Zapatka.
Special thanks to
  • Wagner Motors for parking lot snow removal
  • The Other Place Pub for our bottled water supply

Calliope Productions is a non-profit organization, supported in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council through grants from the Local Cultural Councils of Berlin, Boylston, Clinton, Shrewsbury, and West Boylston.

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