Calliope Special Events

Calliope presents a TEEN TALENT SHOWCASE, an evening of over 20 Vaudeville acts for the 21st century: singers, instrumentalists, bands, orators, exhibitions of physical skill -- the greatest diversity of performers of the next Calliope generation.

Admission is $5 per person. Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase. There will be one intermission.

Performance Date

Saturday, October 27, 7:00 pm

The performance is color-coded:
White = lots of seats available
Yellow = a popular show
Red = few seats left
Black = Sold Out

Call the Calliope Box Office at 508-869-6887 for ticket availability.



Produced by the Calliope Teen Troupe

A smorgasbord of youthful entertainment that is sure to leave the audience in awe.


  • Emily Baldwin
  • Thomas Scalera
  • Hannah Bilodeau, Sarah Malone, and Alia Batista
  • Chris Nasuti
  • Grace Herdman
  • Kirsty O’Grady
  • Austin Tenczar, Noah Kunz, and Kyle Thompson
  • Mary Wattu
  • Heather Bachand
  • Maggie Lyerly
  • Kate O’Leary, Cece Jarry, and Molly Giguere
  • Grace Quimby
  • Ben Howard
  • Grace Stover
  • Cassidy Brannon and Abby Rickert
  • Ben Simmarano, Jake Karsina, Zach Milton, and Nicole Nelson
  • Nathan Spadafora
  • Olivia Lyerly
  • Caralyn Smith
  • Aiden Guzzetti, Hallie Kamonsky, and John McAuliffe
  • Emma Waterson, Chloe Bragg, and Alex Bishop