Calliope's English Music Hall
A Special Presentation

In a rare treat for area audiences, Calliope presents a re-creation of a Victorian-era English Music Hall.

The traditional format of the Music Hall includes humorous patter songs and sentimental ballads, comedy sketches, an occasional short melodrama, audience-participation sing-alongs, and a serious recitation or two - all presided over by the Music Hall Chairman who announces the performers.

Performance Schedule
September 2001
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
7:30 pm
7:30 pm

The days in the calendar are color-coded:
White Plenty of seats were available
Yellow A popular performance, but seats were available
Red A very popular show, very few seats were available

The Music Hall was a uniquely British form of entertainment that started in the 1850s and flourished up until the 1920s, when the popularity of the cinema, phonograph records and radio started to lure both performers and audiences away from the live entertainment venues.

Calliope has assembled a diverse cast of performers for our English Music Hall:
Chairman John Wright
Ensemble Lisa Ballin, Dave Bonneau, Pat Delano, Kama DePatsy, Seth Leary, Grace Leslie, Dave Ludt, Kathy Ludt, Melissa Lusk, Jessice Prichard, Krysten St. John, Gary Thies
Piano Deb Bonneau
Lights Brennan Clark

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