The Wiz
A Musical by Charlie Smalls

21st century Dorothy's adventures in the Land of Oz are set to a wide range of contemporary music, presented as Calliope's Summer Teen Musical.

Performance Schedule
July 2004
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
8:00 pm
Sold Out!
8:00 pm
8:00 pm
Sold Out!
8:00 pm
Sold Out!

The days in the calendar are color-coded:
White Plenty of seats were available
Yellow A popular performance, but seats were available
Red A very popular show, very few seats were available

Directed by Dave Ludt, with musical direction by Bill Condon, the cast of The Wiz included:

Aunt Em Shaylyn Gibson 
Dorothy Courtney Duffy 
Uncle Henry Joe Coppellotti 
Tornado Kristen Andresen, Lauren Bailey, Alex Channell, Crystal Collins, Kelly Flanagan, Jen McCabe, Jen Miller, Hannah Rosen 
Munchkins / Kalidahs /    Winkies Bridget Dunigan, Jessica Helm, Emily Owoc, Allison Quinty, Elise Trudel, Sarah Vermouth 
Addaperle Melanie Dec 
Yellow Brick Road Kristen Andresen, Jen McCabe, Hannah Rosen,  Kristina Samar, Leah Serafin, Christina Tadiri 
Scarecrow Joe Coppellotti 
Crows / Field Mice Julian Gabriel, Ryan Nichols, Scott Patch 
Tin Man Lauren Bailey 
Lion Chris Brooks 
Poppies Alex Channell, Crystal Collins, Jen Miller 
Gatekeeper Hillary Adams 
Emerald City Citizens Hillary Adams, Bridget Dunigan, Julian Gabriel, Jessica Heslin, Ryan Nichols, Emily Owoc, Scott Patch, Allison Quinty, Elise Trudel, Sarah Vermouth 
The Wiz Kelly Flanagan 
Evillene Melanie Cramer 
Lord High Underling Brian Brady 
Soldier Messenger Allison Richmond 
Head Winged Monkey Meghan McCabe 
Monkeys Monika Chitre, Elyse Gutekanst, Samantha Lipkin, Lauren McQueen, Lyndsie Sugarman 
Glinda Lauren DeRusha 
Pit Chorus Act I Monika Chitre, Melanie Cramer, Lauren DeRusha, Elyse Gutekanst, Samantha Lipkin, Meghan McCabe, Lauren McQueen, Allison Richmond, Lyndsie Sugarman 
Pit Chorus Act II Hillary Adams, Kristen Andresen, Crystal Collins, Shaylyn Gibson, Jen McCabe, Hannah Rosen, Kristina Samar, Leah Serafin, Christina Tadiri 
Stage Crew Brian Brady, Julian Gabriel, Ryan Nichols, Scott Patch

Check out some pictures of the Four Friends and the Wiz gang.

Here is the online edition of the Program (1 Mb).     (Adobe Acrobat reader is required.)

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