We are grateful to our audiences, friends, and patrons, whose support in monetary donations and in attendance make them as much a part of each production as are the performers who appear on our stage. This feeling seems to be shared by cast members, and it is noticed by new patrons coming to their first Calliope show.

The achievements we have made would not have been attained without such strong and continued support.


Calliope currently offers supporters this option for giving:
  • General Operating Fund. Calliope's annual operating budget of $100,000 is funded mainly through ticket sales and program fees. Additional income is needed for marketing and promotional activities.


Print and send a Donor Form with your contribution. We gladly accept anonymous donations. Supporters are acknowleged in our playbills.

Donations to Calliope are tax-deductible and qualify for Matching Funds from area employers.

Calliope Productions is a non-profit organization, supported in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and by grants from the Local Cultural Councils of Boylston and West Boylston.