Arsenic and Old Lace
A Comedy by Joseph Kesselring

This perennial favorite tells the gentle tale of two charming old ladies who poison their lodgers so that they might be spared the pains of earthly life.  "It is an inspired and delightful comic concoction, which combines the cosy charm and ingenious plotting of an Agatha Christie whodunit with a much sharper and more knowing satirical perspective" - The Guardian.

Performance Schedule
March 2004
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The days in the calendar are color-coded:
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Tickets are $15 per person, $12 for Students/Seniors.

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Directed by Dave Ludt, Arsenic and Old Lace includes

Abby Brewster Sandy Pickens
The Reverend Dr. Harper Walter Schumacher
Teddy Brewster John Bausch
Officer Brophy Matt Cogswell
Officer Klein Dave Ludt
Martha Brewster Grace Leslie
Elaine Harper Rebecca Ann Beauregard
Mortimer Brewster Ben Brown
Mr. Gibbs Phil Scott
Jonathan Brewster David Bruso
Dr. Einstein Martin Dodd
Officer O’Hara Derek Broszeit
Lieutenant Rooney Frank Jarrell
Mr. Witherspoon Frank Josbacher

The Production Staff:
Producer and Director Dave Ludt
Assistant Director / Stage Manager Mandy Frechette
Costumes Carole Saunders
Lights Ken Gagne
Set / Lighting / Sound Design Dave Ludt
Set Construction Dave Ludt, Bob Reidy, Karen Josbacher, Daniel Reidy, Lianne Josbacher, Mandy Frechette
Props Donna Reidy, Jan Seymour, Joan Stewart
Box Office Karen Josbacher

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